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Something we would like to address

August, 2016 Admin 3
We at Roofshield East Coast pride ourselves as being the best around in Roof Restoration and recently have had a couple of our customers comment that they had read a negative comment about us online so we would like to address these comments as we feel it is our duty to be open and transparent when it comes to both all the good feedback we get and in this case, a rare negative feedback story. So let me have a chat about my feeling on this matter.

Our division of Roofshield alone, Roofshield East Coast, completes hundreds of Roof Restorations every year and I can say we have an overwhelming amount of completely satisfied customers who will compliment us to anyone that asks. We love this and it is what motivates us to keep doing our work the way we do. It would be safe to say that in every situation we do not leave the job until any last detail that may have arisen is resolved to our customers complete satisfaction. Having said this I think any reasonable person would agree that when dealing with the public, more so dealing with the amount of customers we do, sometimes you run into a person who is, well, a little unreasonable. Anyway back to the feedback, if I preform a search on Roofshield online I can find four negative comments in total, considering the thousands of jobs we have completed I think this could be seen as a positive not a negative. Sure I would prefer there to be nothing but good stuff written about us but when dealing with thousands of people over long periods of time, maybe this is not possible. I feel with anything you wish to purchase you could search up something negative written about it somewhere by someone. From time to time a person may have an ulterior motive for making their negative comments public, they may not even be a real customer at all. This brings me back to the negative comment that appears toward the top of the web search on Roofshield. It is from back in 2009/2010, an individual from Evans Head that tried to get free roof repairs from Roofshield. I don’t need to say much about it except if you were to come across this webpage please read the whole thing not just the first few lines. I think all reasonable people will conclude this individual is being ridiculous and is completely misguided. This in turn has lead to their spiteful web blog.

If you feel it necessary I'd recommend the best place to check up on Roofshield would be with Fair Trading, you can even request an email from them showing our licence history. This is where any legitimate matters show up and I can assure you there are no issues at all, certainly nothing about our one and only unreasonable Evans Head resident / web blogger.

I think the best way to deal with this sort of thing is to bring it out in the open, everyone can decide for themselves. We do so many roof restorations because we are the best around our work speaks for itself, if you have any questions or would like me to discuss this further please leave a comment below.


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